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To cite your sources in an essay in MLA style.

you need to have basic information including the author’s name s.

chapter title

book title

editor s

publication year


and page numbers The templates for in text citations and

MLA In text Citations.

A Complete Guide 9th Edition Published on by Shona McCombes. Revised on. An MLA in text citation provides .

Home Knowledge Base MLA Style How to format your MLA Works Cited page MLA Works Cited

amp Free Template Published on by Shona McCombes Revised on

To help you get this right.


we have prepared a guide to using MLA citations in an essay. This will cover basic citations.

citing multiple authors.

and other .

An MLA website citation includes the author’s name

the title of the page in ation marks
the name of the website in italics.

the publication date.

and the URL

MLA format is a set of formatting and citation guidelines for how an academic paper should look.

similar to other styles such as Chicago or APA format

Need a little bit of help writing an MLA format essay

Then make sure you don’t forget these helpful tips on the format and guidelines Since the guidebook for .

MLA Citation Format The majority of this guide focuses on MLA formatting in regards to MLA paper format rules and guide

In Text Citations An Overview by Modern Language Association In text citations are brief

unobtrusive references that direct readers to the works cited list

How to cite AI in MLA Parenthetical citations For citations.

MLA prefers in text parenthetical citations.

although footnotes and endnotes can still be used for

Use a slide number to indicate the location of the relevant information in in text citations. MLA format. Author last name.

First name. “ Presentation Title. ”. Website Name.

Day Month Year

URL MLA Works Cited entry Vanderbauwhede

Wim “A Few Thoughts on Work Life Balance ” SlideShare

www.slideshare.net .

In an MLA Works Cited entry for an interview published in a newspaper

you list the interviewee in the author element. Clarify who conducted the interview after the title.

and use the interviewee’s name in the MLA in text citation MLA format Interviewee last name

First name “ Interview Title ”

MLA Modern Language Association style is most commonly used to write papers and cite sources within the liberal arts and humanities. This resource.

updated to reflect the MLA Handbook.

offers examples for the general format of MLA research papers.

in text citations

endnotes footnotes.

and the Works Cited page

If the book cover or title page specifies an edition.

add the edition number or name

followed by the abbreviation “ed.”.

after the title. Note that versions of the Bible are treated slightly differently. MLA format. Author last name.

First name Book Title Edition ed

Year. MLA Works Cited entry..

In an MLA Works Cited entry for a journal article
the article title appears in ation marks.

the name of the journal in italicsboth in title case. List up to two authors in both the in text citation and the Works Cited entry. For three or more.

use “et al.”. MLA format. Author last name.

First name

1 Start a personal interview citation with the interviewee s last name On the works cited page

start the citation entry with the last name of the interviewee After the last name

add a comma and then the interviewee s first

Basic Elements of the Citation. To cite material posted on a social media platform.

follow the MLA format template. List the author of the post.

usually the account name
followed by the title of the material or a description in place of a title in the Title of Source element. Then list the title of the social media site in the Title of .

The way that citations appear format depends on the citation style.

which is a set of established rules and conventions for documenting sources Citation styles can be defined by an assoc
such as the Modern Language Association


such as the University of Chicago Press.

or journal.

such as The New England Journal of .

If the poem was published as part of an edited collection.

follow the same format as above

but add the name s of the book’s editor s. MLA format. Author last name.

First name. “ Poem Title. ”. Book Title.

edited by Editor first name Last name.


Page number s. MLA Works Cited entry..

How to cite ChatGPT in MLA style MLA suggests creating a Works Cited entry for any responses you e or paraphrase fr
as well as an in text citation at the point where you include it in your text The Works Cited entry starts with the t

in ation marks Then write “ChatGPT” and the

To cite a movie from Netflix and similar online streaming services.

add the name of the website or app e g “Netflix app” If you watched the movie on an unofficial website or video s
add the website name.

the uploader.

the date of upload
and the URL Night of the Living Dead

For up to date guidance.

see the ninth edition of the MLA Handbook. The caption usually appears beneath the image. If you discuss the work from which the screenshot or frame capture is taken.

the caption should act much like an in text reference and provide the information needed to key to a works cited list e

Citing a website in MLA Style An MLA Works Cited entry for a webpage lists the author’s name
the title of the page in ation marks
the name of the site in italics

the date of publication.

and the URL The in text citation usually just lists the author’s name For a long page
you may specify a shortened section heading to

Revised on An in text citation is a short acknowledgement you include whenever you e or take information from a sou

How to cite Wikipedia in APA Style. In APA Style.

7th edition

only the first word of the title is capitalized
and there is no period after the URL. The in text citation includes the title of the article with title case capitalization. and shortened if necessary and the year. Example APA Wikipedia citation. APA format..

The generator above will create your citations in MLA style by default

or it can cite any source

000 styles So
whether your discipline uses the APA citation style.

or your institution requires you to cite in the Chicago style citation

simply go to the Cite This For Me website to find generators and style guides for ASA



Start the citation with the title.

and list the channel name in the other contributors element. In the example below.

the video was both created and uploaded by the organization BBC News.

so the reference starts with the title A shortened version of the title appears in the in text citation MLA format �

It gives full details of every source that you cited in an MLA in text citation Like the rest of an MLA format paper

the Works Cited should be left aligned and double spaced inch margins You can use the free Scribbr Citation Generator
DOI or title

Revised on In MLA style

the following format is used to cite a lecture or speech MLA format Speaker last name

First name “ Lecture Title ” Course or Event Name

Day Month Year


City MLA Works Cited entry Dent

Gina “Anchored to the Real Black Literature in the Wake of Anthropology ”

MLA style In an MLA style annotated bibliography

the Works Cited entry and the annotation are both double spaced and left aligned The Works Cited entry has a hanging
the first line of each paragraph is

These citations are usually listed in alphabetical order by the author’s last names and include all of the information

Last name of the author
First name of the author. “Source’s Title.”..

Author Page Number System. MLA Handbook.

8th Edition uses the author page number style for in text citations in this format Example

When there is no author.

the author is unknown.

or the author is not the first element listed in the corresponding Works Cited citation

use the first element listed in

Example APA parenthetical citation. Each individual is influenced by aspects of a universal “collective unconscious” known as “archetypes” Jung.

p. 4. When a source has two authors.

include both names and separate them using an ampersand

amp When a source has more than two authors

include only the first author’s name .

Use ation marks around the title if it is part of a larger work e.g. a chapter of a book.

an article in a journal.

or a page on a website All major words in a title are capitalized The same format is used in the Works Cited list and
the correct formatting and .

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